Best DIY Carpet Cleaning Techniques

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DIY Ways to Clean Your Carpet

One of the parts of the house or items in the house that receives that harshest treatment would be the carpet. Of course, I do not see any other item in the house that we march on, and pour wine, pasta, pet feces and other things on a daily basis, except the carpet. So, it is safe to say that the carpets in our houses have suffered in our hands.

Now, if you are in love with your carpet, there is always the tendency and urge for you to flip out your sponge and detergent and start scrubbing the carpet whenever we notice these stains on them. However, the urgency and the strength with which we apply these things may not determine whether we will get the carpet properly cleaned or not. The major thing that informs a properly cleaned carpet may be the strategy that we apply in the cleaning. Different types of stains may need different cleaning methods to remove them from the carpet completely, and below are the best DIY ways to clean your carpet.

General DIY Cleaning Rules

You must ensure that the stain is cleaned as soon as you notice it or as soon as it happens. Make sure you do not allow it to set before you clean. Don’t let them sit round.

You should also try and blot out the stain instead of scrubbing it. It is better to work to pull out the maximum amount of liquid you can, so that the reduction of the spread and size of the stain will be the major focus. This should be followed not by a rigorous scrubbing, but by a sort of dabbing motion.

You have to apply less cleaning products so that it will take lesser time to dry, and your carpet will not be stained by these. Dish soap or club soda can remove majority of the elements that stain your carpet.

When you are through with cleaning, you should dry properly with towel, because leaving it damp means inviting mold. You can dry with a fan or hair dryer too.

Specific Cleaning Methods

Each stain and dirt smudge can require different forms of treatment and, as such, it is important to know just what those are. We spoke with Champion Chem-Dry out in Florida to help us understand exactly how we could treat some of the most common spills and stains. They gave us the following quick-tips: For dark colored food stains, use small soap and water, and scrape with sponge. For fatty and greasy food, scrape with knife. After this, place a paper towel on top and iron with your electric iron on the lowest heat level. This brings up the grease. After this, use white vinegar, soap and warm water to rinse.

  • For coffee and other foods, blot and rinse with club soda, and complete with soap and water brushing.
  • For nail polish, soak a rag in colorless acetone and blot with it.
  • For pet waste, remove the poop, rinse with club soda, and also brush with water and soap and rinse.
  • For makeup stains, use dish soap and rub the carpet after getting it damp. Pat it dry after this.
  • For gum stains, drop a towel wrapped in ice on top of the gum and scrape off.

Renting Vs. Homebuying – Which is Best?

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Renting and Home Buying Compared—Which is Better?

Most young people do not purchase a home when they start living independently. They rather rent an apartment. The main reason is that it costs a lot to buy a home. They choose to buy a home when they build up their careers and manage to save some money. The reality is that these same people decide to sell their homes and start living in a rented apartment when they become older.

The number of homeowners in the USA has been decreasing for many years. Young buyers can not simply manage to save enough money to buy a home. In order to know whether to rent a home or buy one, some important factors should be evaluated.

Advantages of buying a home

There are some undeniable advantages of buying a home. Below are a few of them.

First of all, you build equity over time. When you put a dollar toward your loan’s principle, it represents a dollar of equity. When you reach 20% equity, you can refinance your mortgage and get a lower interest rate.

You also get tax benefits like homestead exemption and federal tax deduction. Renters do not enjoy these benefits.

You can also turn your home into a source of income by renting a part of the home. If you move to a second home, you can rent the whole of the property.

When you are a homeowner, you enjoy more creative freedom. You can have fun in your home the way you like without worrying about what others are thinking.

Your own home will also provide you a sense of belonging. You can also exert your influence as a member of a community and enjoy your life.

Disadvantages of buying a home

There are also some disadvantages of buying a home. The first disadvantage is that you run the risk of financial loss. Of course you build equity, but it does not mean automatic profit. When you sell the home, you run the risk of a financial loss if home values in your area decrease.

When you are a homeowner, you have more responsibilities for maintenance and repairs. You have to maintain all the costs. If you live in a house for many years, the value of your home will decrease.

When you purchase a home, it is unlikely that you will get the home fully furnished. You have to spend time and money to furnish the home. Besides, you have to spend a high upfront cost. This cost will depend on the size of your down payment and the value of your home.

Advantages of renting

You are living in a home that is not your own. It may not sound like a good thing, but it has some advantages. You do not have the responsibility for maintaining or repairing the home. If something needs to be fixed, you do not need to call an expensive technician, you just have to call the owner of the home.

If you need to relocate, you don’t need to undergo a complex procedure. You have to spend some money when you break a rental lease, but you can offset it by subletting the apartment.

The credit requirements are not very strict. You certainly will have to undergo a credit check, but the landlord will be willing to rent you if you are not bankrupt. Homeowners do not enjoy this benefit and they typically have high credit standards.

Disadvantages of renting

Living in a rented apartment has its downsides. Even if you live in a rented apartment for a very long time, you are not able to build equity in the property. That is why buying is a better decision if you plan to stay in a place for more than 4-5 years.

You do not enjoy federal tax benefits. Only homeowners are eligible for federal tax credits or deductions that are related to housing. If you live in a rented house, you may have to pay several hundred dollars more per year.

You also have a limited housing security. Housing costs often go up and you do not have any control over the changing costs. When your current lease expires, your landlord may raise your rent. On top of this, once your lease expires, you will either have to move to a new apartment, which can be inconvenient and expensive, or stay (which can also be bad if you have problems with your current living situation). If you decide to move to a new apartment, you will need to hire a moving company (read more about that here: https//, or deal with the stress of moving yourself.

Keep an open mind when you make a decision, because the final decision should come from you and your loved ones. Do not hurry. Take your time so that you do not need to regret in the future.

Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Home or Business

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Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Home or Business

It always feels weird hiring someone to come clean your house. It’s your own space, and having a stranger come along to clean up can just feel a bit weird, especially with all your valuables and appliances in full display. If you’re not sure about how to do it, or would just rather be more prepared for what may come, here are some tips.

Shop Around

The most important thing is to weigh around your options. Whenever you’re hiring just one person, be sure that you’re actually comfortable having them in your house. On the other hand, whenever hiring a company it’s a good idea to know whether they’ll rotate their staff. That helps you determine how much you’ll have to introduce to each person when they come along. Along the same train of thought is knowing whether they’re licensed and insured, you don’t want to have to pay for your valuables again just due to a small mistake.

Know What You Want

Get an idea of when, and how. Never forget to state when you want the cleaning done and how often it needs to be done, be it weekly or a just a one-time affair, which will help determine many things for the employee. Find out whether cleaning out certain things is extra, such as the fridge, and how much will it actually end up costing. Try to ask about the cleaning methods and products they might end up using, and whether they might cause long-term harm to your goods. Certain products may harm the things in your house or may end up leaving streaks that you need to go and clean (again), so be sure to ask about how the cleaning will be done. You can read more about what cleaning companies do here:

Prepare for Pets

Inform whoever is going to come along and clean about any pets you may have at home. This helps them avoid certain issues that might arise due to allergies or phobias of those who are coming along to clean. It also helps prepare for certain cases, such as dogs who shed a lot of fur and require additional cleaning, and whether they’re going to do them, or if they’ll have an additional cost.

Know Where To Be

Decide whether you prefer to be home during the cleaning. It is common for the cleaner to specify an arrival timing, so you’ll know the hours that you’ll need to have free so you stay at home while they cleaning is being done. You are not necessarily tied to your house, and if you feel confident in your cleaner you’re able to give them access to your house in one way or another.